Jolie Carter

Where are you from?
I was born in Bolton and have lived in Atherton my whole life.

Where did you study/work previously?
I attended Fred Longworth High School in Tyldesley. After leaving school, I studied Accounting,
Business and Criminology at Bolton Sixth Form College. Then an opportunity came up for an
apprenticeship in Business Administration and Finance, which I decided to take.
What is a typical day at MTS like for you?
A typical day at MTS is always different as my role includes Business Administration and Finance. My
typical day can consist of completing invoices, and timesheets, uploading expenses, completing
disclosures, organising and much more. As my priority is working with James, I am also picking up
new skills such as ICT skills and how to use new software.

What's the best thing about your role?
The best thing about my role is that I learn something new every day and thoroughly enjoy it.

What do you consider is your biggest achievement within your role?
My biggest achievement would be learning how to complete invoices, send them and chase them
without any previous office experience.