Emma Shiels

Emma Shiels

My name is Emma, I grew up in Atherton and now live in Cheshire.


Where did you study/work previously?

I studied at Sheffield Hallam University on the Degree Apprentice Occupational Therapy course! I was lucky enough to be apart of the second Cohort as the degree is so new! I worked for Munro Therapy services prior to this as a Rehab assistant before progressing to an Occupational Therapy Apprentice. I left university in May 2022 and have been enjoying working as a qualified Occupational Therapist ever since!


Prior to this degree, I also completed a BA (hons) degree in Television and Radio, for my final dissertation, I created a short documentary about dementia, as well as informing those watching what support is available. I have always been interested in healthcare and supporting others!


What is a typical day at MTS like for you?

A typical day can vary which is what I like about this job, you can be in Lancshire one day or Liverpool the next, carrying out a variety of functional assessments or recommending equipment. I also have one day based in the office that allows me to catch up with my admin.

What’s the best thing about your role?

The job satisfaction is the best aspect of this role! All of my clients are brilliant, helping them to achieve their goals leaves you with the greatest satsifaction, whether their goal is to be able to dress indepdendently or to be able to Ski again, if it's improving their wellbeing I am here to help with it all!

What do you consider is your biggest achievement within your role?


My biggest achievement was working whilst also studying for my Occupational Therapy degree during the pandemic. It came with some challenges but I am very proud to be qualified today.